When Is the Most Romantic Time to Pop the Question?

For us, winter has always been a season of romance. With couples enjoying a cosy evening by the fire or wrapping up warm for a leisurely stroll in the crisp white snow, plenty of us can feel the love during the festive season. So, it's no surprise that our social media timelines begin to fill with engagement announcements during this time of year.

But is winter really the best time to pop the question? Is it a season filled with romance or are the wet weather and dark nights a put-off for potential proposals? We decided to carry out a survey, asking over 1,000 members of the British public about when and where their perfect proposals would be. Here's what we found out:

When's the Best Time to Pop the Question?

Every couple has their own calendar of meaningful dates to remember - the first date, first kiss, first holiday together... These landmark dates in any relationship are, of course, the opportune moment to pop the question. But what about if you want to add a new date to the calendar? When is the best time to do it?

According to our survey, it's winter that tops the list of the most romantic seasons to propose in, with 60% of our respondents showing a preference for the colder months. This was in comparison to 55% who chose the summer, 41% who picked spring and just 34% who opted for autumn.

In fact, our respondents said a big yes to a snow-filled winter setting and half of them chose Christmas Day as the ideal time to get down on one knee. But we wondered how this result fared when we broke it down further by age, gender and location?

How Do Proposal Preferences Vary?

When looking at the results according to gender, 64% of women and 54% of men said that winter was their first choice for the best season to propose. This was consistent when we broke down the results by age, with every age group apart from the over-65s backing winter as their favourite romantic season.

We developed a 'romance scale' to give us a rating system to judge our four seasons on and overall, winter scored an impressive 7.5/10 for the most romantic season. In Norwich, it scored a perfect 10! However, it must be a bit too cold up North because residents of Edinburgh, Newcastle and Manchester all showed a preference for summer holiday proposals.

Finding the Perfect Spot

It was no surprise that the city of love was voted as the best location to pop the question, with 21% of both men and women agreeing that Paris was the most romantic place to do it. Venice came in second place with 16% of the vote and there was a tie for the third spot, with Rome and Florence both gaining 9% of the vote.

Here were some of the outcomes of our survey that we found interesting when it came to our search for the perfect proposal spot:

  • - Millennials were reluctant to follow the crowd and chose Florence as their preferred location to pop the question
  • - Here on our home shores, London was the most popular place in the UK, with men putting the city in third place on their list of proposal spots
  • - Some of the more surprising location choices included Benidorm, Sheffield and Bradford... although these did only receive one vote each!

Luckily for us romantics, it's often cheaper to travel during the winter months so you're more likely to find a great deal if you're planning to pop the question abroad. But if you'd rather save your pennies for the ring, London is a romantic option (and closer to home). Don't forget that Bradford is always an option too...

How Important is Tradition?

When we asked the British public about which wedding traditions they valued the most, the result was unanimous across different ages and gender - presenting your future spouse with a diamond engagement ring is without doubt the most important tradition. So how much do people tend to spend on this must-have proposal custom?

1 in 3 people said that they expected an engagement ring to cost the same as a month's salary. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, you'll be surprised to hear that as many as 1 in 50 big spenders expected the ring alone to cost an entire year's salary! We'd better get saving...

Despite the ring being a respected tradition, we also saw that some modern practices were gaining popularity when it comes to popping the question. 1 out of 5 of us would be happy to use a 'placeholder' in lieu of a ring and 43% of people said they'd be happy to choose their ring with their partner. I mean, what better Christmas gift than a diamond ring?

Some More Interesting Proposal Stats...

  • - 21% of people gave winter 10/10 on our 'romance scale', with the 18-24s scoring it an impressive 8.2/10
  • - The Geordies were the biggest Francophiles, with 1 in 3 choosing Paris as their location of choice when proposing
  • - Our respondents were not fans of flashy proposals, with over 91% preferring to keep it private or traditional
  • - The diamond ring was the most important tradition with 57% agreeing with this, but throwing the bouquet and a white wedding dress both appeared at the bottom of the list

What Our Proposal Survey Revealed

Basically, forget summer romances because winter is taking the crown instead! Our survey revealed that winter is by far the most romantic season to propose, which both genders and the majority of age ranges in agreement. Many even chose Christmas Day itself as the ideal setting to pop the question.

It also showed us how much people were happy to spend. Engagement rings were expected to cost the equivalent of a month's salary and Paris and Venice topped the list as the two favourite spots to get down on one knee... Perhaps it's best to start saving up and searching for the best winter flight deals now!