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Spotlight On Diamonds

By Rachael Taylor 3 Minute Read

When investing in a capsule wardrobe, it is hard to find something that never goes out of style. Even the most seemingly enduring of items – a little black dress, a classic handbag – are eventually dated by their cut, or their colour fades over time. Not so with diamonds.

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Natural diamonds were formed millions of years ago, deep beneath the earth’s mantle, when volcanic eruptions put carbon under huge amounts of pressure at a high heat. The result is one of the toughest – and most beautiful – gems on the planet.

These immutable beacons of brilliance never age, making them ideal for those of us seeking to make more conscious choices when it comes to adornment. As the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood once said, and to which we can all aspire: “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”

While it might be its sparkle that keeps us mesmerised, a diamond’s durability is what makes it perfect for everyday jewellery.

As for choosing well, this is a matter of personal taste, but there are some classic items that every well-furnished jewellery box should possess. A diamond line bracelet, such Goldsmiths’ white gold Classic Line Bracelet set with a continuous strip of 4cts of round-brilliant diamonds, is one. This style is also known as a tennis bracelet, a name it won in the 1970s due to its on-court popularity among top-tier tennis players. The nickname was further cemented in the public’s imagination when play was stopped during the US Open in 1978 to retrieve Chris Evert’s own diamond line bracelet, which had fallen off mid-swing.

Another timeless diamond jewel that will never fade from favour is a pair of simple stud earrings set with round-brilliant diamonds. Depending on your style, and budget, you can dial the carat count up or down, but do opt for a pair that will deliver that across-the-room sparkle, such as those in the Goldsmiths Brightest Diamond Collection featuring a bespoke diamond cut with 30 more facets than a standard round brilliant. Or for a playful contemporary twist on the diamond earring, there is Goldsmiths’ Diamond Drop earrings that feature seven diamonds that gently graduate in size.

Diamonds are also perfect for stacking and layering. These buildable hexagon rings and necklaces offer a twist on classic styles, with the diamonds creating geometric halos for rich blue sapphires, or simply celebrating negative space.

The most iconic diamond design of all has to be the engagement ring. Diamonds became the go-to gemstone for the betrothed towards the end of the 19th century, and it is a tradition that has held fast. The classic solitaire has changed little over the years, although today’s brides will enjoy a far superior sparkle to that enjoyed by the Victorians, especially with the rings within Goldsmiths’ Brightest Diamond Collection thanks to the diamonds’ 88 facets. For extra brilliance, opt for a solitaire with diamond-set shoulders or even a trilogy ring that has three central stones to represent a couple’s past, present and future.

Of course, you don’t need a proposal to invest in a diamond ring. Long gone are the days when women had to wait for the jewels they coveted – and rightly so. Though it historically has roots in matrimony, an eternity ring makes a perfect stacking ring for any occasion, and indeed gender. The choice, which is entirely yours, is whether to keep it classic with a uniform band of diamonds, or perhaps opt for something with a little flair, such as Goldsmiths’ Fancy Baguette Halo Eternity Ring that mixes baguette-cut diamonds with round brilliants. Either way, this will be a purchase that will delight now and for decades to come.

Explore our stunning diamond jewellery pieces here at Goldsmiths online or visit us at one of our showrooms where our experts will be delighted to help you find your perfect piece.

Author Credit: Rachael Taylor is a jewellery  journalist, contributing  to  a  wealth  of  titles  across  the  globe including  The  Financial  Times, The Telegraph, The Independent and Condé Nast titles. She is also the author of two books on jewellery and a judge at prestigious competitions including the UK Jewellery Awards and The Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Awards.

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