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Engagement, Wedding and Eternity Ring Styling Guide

By Sarah Royce-Greensill 4 Minute Read

A wedding band will be worn forever, as a precious symbol of an eternal, unbreakable bond, and a daily reminder of those big day vows. So choosing the right one is more than a task to tick off a to-do list.

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Gold or platinum, diamond-set or plain: there are a plethora of shapes, sizes, and finishes to consider. There’s also the question of an eternity band, worn in between the wedding and engagement ring, which traditionally marks the birth of a child or a significant anniversary.

An important consideration for brides is how the wedding and eternity bands will fit with the engagement ring. Ideally the bands should be the same width, so that neither dominates attention. Most brides like to match the metal of their engagement ring, although pairing a platinum engagement ring with a yellow-gold wedding band is also a popular option to create an immediate visual distinction between the two.

Classic diamond solitaire engagement rings complement a wide variety of wedding and eternity bands. If the central diamond is very large, or an elongated cut such as an oval or emerald-cut diamond, this may cause a gap between the two rings. A V-shaped wedding band curves around the central diamond, creating an elegant and harmonious silhouette that is especially alluring when set with sparkling diamonds.

Diamond-set wedding and eternity bands bring glamour and radiance to the everyday, so it’s no wonder that they are the most popular option for modern brides. And there are many ways to make a bridal combination unique. Brilliant-cut diamonds set in slender bands of 18kt yellow or white gold are a timeless classic - but they’re not the only shape to consider.

Oval-cut diamonds offer a larger diamond look to a stacking ring, making the eternity band every bit as impactful as the engagement ring itself. Emerald-cut diamond eternity bands offer an impressive carat weight with a sophisticated, pared-back sparkle thanks to their step-cut facets. Some brides choose to wear their eternity ring on their right hand rather than stacked, allowing for a bigger and more extravagant design.

For grooms, the decision can be easier as the wedding band is usually worn alone - although it’s not always straightforward. The most important consideration is the shape and width of the band. ‘Comfort-fit’ designs are slightly rounded on the inside, so they feel smooth and comfortable to wear all day. Whether the top of the ring is rounded, flat or even concave is a matter of personal taste - as is the width of the band, which can vary from 3mm to 7mm. It’s worth trying on a few different styles to find out what suits best.

Then it’s time to select the colour and finish of the metal. Brushed platinum is a popular option for a masculine aesthetic: its matt effect is more understated than polished platinum. But that’s not to say men must steer clear of sparkle. Many men are drawn to the symbolism and permanence of diamonds, and opt for discreet diamond accents within their wedding band. A combination of brushed and polished platinum is another way to add an eye-catching detail to a minimalistic band.

There’s no rule that a couple’s wedding bands must match: if one partner prefers polished yellow gold and the other likes brushed platinum, there’s no need to compromise. Consider instead adding a matching engraving to the inside so that they become, just like the couple who wear them, individuals who belong together.

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Author credit: The Telegraph’s former Jewellery & Watches Editor, Sarah Royce-Greensill has spent the last decade immersed in the fascinating world of fine jewellery. Sarah edits the ‘Showcase’ section of Vanity Fair On Jewellery, a prestigious anthology of everything new and noteworthy in jewellery, and is a contributor to Conde Nast Traveller, Tatler, Times Luxx, Country Life and Harrods Magazine among other titles.

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