Since 2001, very special mechanical wristwatches have been manufactured in the Westphalian city of Münster

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MeisterSinger Collections


Neo Collection

MeisterSinger Neo

Designed for fashion, built for functionality. All MeisterSinger watches for him and her in our exclusive Neo collection allow you to enjoy 1950s chic and modern efficiency at the same time. While its style is distinctly vintage, the clear date display on its dial brings the wearer right back to the present moment. For sale online and in our host of UK showrooms, luxury time-telling has never looked so sleek.

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Pangaea Collection

MeisterSinger Pangaea

Bask in elegance with one of our MeisterSinger Pangaea watches. Beyond its beauty, all MeisterSinger watches in this collection allow for calm time-telling thanks to their single-hand. Each is crafted using the finest materials available to ensure maximum comfort, from the MeisterSinger Day Date to the original model. Browse our collection of Pangaea watches online to secure your ideal timepiece.

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Perigraph Collection

MeisterSinger Perigraph

Transition from day to evening effortlessly with one of our MeisterSinger watches from the Perigraph collection. Classic in look and premium in quality, these timepieces for men uphold the brand's reputation for world-class watch making. Every Perigraph MeisterSinger watch exudes luxury, from its leather strap to its ivory dial.

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N°01 Collection

MeisterSinger N°01

As the name suggests, the N°01 is the original MeisterSinger. All the aesthetic principles that characterize the entire collection to this day are reflected in its design: The functional typography with its complete set of double-digit hour numerals, the circumferential five-minute divisions and, above all, the single, needle-fine hour hand.

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N°03 Collection

MeisterSinger N°03

The MeisterSinger N°03 combines the aesthetic principles of the modern single-hand watch with a highly energy-efficient drive in the form of a Swiss automatic movement that draws its power from the activity of the wearer.

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Vintago Collection

MeisterSinger Vintago

As the name suggests, the Vintago also provides a look back to the past because it embodies the design virtues of a rather elegant era. The purely functional typography and the flat glass domed over the unadorned dial are reminiscent of the austere design language of the 1960s.

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Metris Collection

MeisterSinger Metris

With the Metris, MeisterSinger presents a model that can accompany you wherever you go. Although it is robust, easy to read, and can handle a refreshing swim in a lake, with its slim case it still looks great when teamed with a striped sweater.

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Featured Watches

NO1 Automatic Ivory Unisex Watch
N°01 Automatic Ivory Unisex
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NO3 Blackline Automatic
N°03 Blackline Automatic
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Metris Black Automatic Unisex Watch
Metris Black Automatic Unisex
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About MeisterSinger

Since 2001, very special mechanical wristwatches have been manufactured in the Westphalian city of Münster: They have only one single hand with a fine needle point that enables the wearer to read the time. Company founder Manfred Brassler creates his classical timepieces with this unique characteristic in the technical and cultural tradition of early watchmaking.

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