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Goldsmiths is the largest authorised retailers of Rolex watches in the world, with a partnership formed over 50 years ago.

The 24-carat gold Rolex clock outside the Northern Goldsmiths store in Newcastle is engrained into the city's identity, serving as a romantic meeting point throughout the last century and a symbolic reminder of the rich history Goldsmiths shares with the Rolex brand. Embellishing the beautiful architecture with pride, the Rolex lettering is a literal cornerstone of the city centre.

A true landmark for the people of Newcastle, the store opened in 1778, and later became the first ever stockist of Rolex watches in the UK.

Today, Goldsmiths is proud to be the UK's largest distributor of Rolex watches, with our expertise and understanding of this world-renowned brand serving as a platform for delivering the absolute best in the market for Rolex.

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About Rolex

The ultimate horological status symbol, Rolex is synonymous with luxury watches. Rolex started out in London in 1905, named W&D after its founders, Wilsdorf and Davis who married into the same family. Practically an eponym in its own right, the trademark name was born in 1908. Symmetrical and short, 'Rolex' fitted perfectly on the face of their watches, and the name purportedly reminded Wilsdorf of the sound of winding a watch. By 1914, the Kew Observatory had awarded Rolex with the prestigious Class A certification for precision, historically reserved only for marine chronographs. Since then, Rolex watches have been worn by pilots and soldiers throughout the history due to their superior precision. Instantly recognisable, Rolex continues to be renowned for its innovation, aesthetic appeal and rich heritage.

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